Sindh Law is a full service law chambers based in Hyderabad,Pakistan. The law chambers was founded by Murtajiz Jafri, Attorney at Law/Advocate with postgraduate qualification from the UK and a member of District Bar Association, and is one of the top law firms in the city of Hyderabad and Karachi. Mr. Jafri is also serving the provincial government in the capacity of Registrar’s Nominee/Chairman,Board of Arbitrators,Cooperative Societies Sindh.

Sindh Law chambers combines the old world approach to client service with a new world approach to case management both offline and online. The chambers is unmatchably dedicated, responsible, professional, creative, rigorous and consistent in every matter it is entrusted with. As a result, Mr. Jafri is a trusted advisor to clients who seek legal guidance in an ever-changing and ever-challenging world of law in Pakistan. The firm stands out for taking the time to get to know its clients and understand their issues and concerns from close, rather than applying a typical law chambers formula of indifference to personal issues and concerns of clients. It focuses on communication, understanding and focusing on the client’s objectives, use of technology and specialized knowledge.

Though based in Hyderabad,Mr. Jafri also undertakes legal matters for Karachi and interior Sindh, with many assignments involving cross-city and inter-city legal assistance. His expertise, combined with his reach to satisfy all of its clients’ needs makes Sindh Law an ideal choice for all kinds of legal matters.